After destroying mining, an impotent and non-functional BJP government led by a selfish CM is now annihilating the tourism industry in Goa: Adv Diya Shetkar


Mahila Congress leader and social activist Adv Diya Shetkar while speaking to media persons in Pernem, after the Jan Aakrosh agitation organised by Goa Pradesh Congress Committee, said that the “dead, non-functional” BJP government in the State is totally responsible for the reported 55 per cent drop in foreign tourist charter flights to Goa this season.


Adv Diya Shetkar, Goa Mahila Congress leader

She also said the State government has squandered away public funds in the guise of promoting tourism in the State, but the Ministers concerned have only filled their own pockets without doing anything to actually promote Goa Tourism internationally. 

Elaborating further, she completely held CM Manohar Parrikar responsible and blamed the ailing CM for the mess that the Goa tourism industry is currently facing.



“After the mining industry collapse in the state and the loss of livelihood to lakhs of mining dependents in Goa, now the impotent and non-functional BJP government has set about to destroy the tourism industry in Goa with its careless attitude and irresponsible behavior.”


Quoting a media report in Herald, Adv Diya Shetkar said:
“Goa has seen a 55 per cent drop in charter arrivals and the expected landings for the peak month of December are also way below the figure of December 2017. The drop is more than double of what was expected or predicted by the industry and Parrikar is completely to blame for this miserable situation that the once-booming tourism industry in Goa has come to. The self-centered and blatantly selfish CM destroyed mining to come to power in 2012 and sit on the chair and now in spite of being very sick, he continues to occupy the ‘chair’ making a mess of all the industry and business in the State,” Shetkar said.
The import ban on fish from outside the state was another badly executed and ill-planned decision of the Parrikar government, which has added to the woes of the Goan tourism industry.

“This impotent government continues to blunder day after day and yet a shameless CM continues to cling to power without any concern for the lives and families of lakhs of Goans which are being ruined everyday due to falling business margins and declining profits,” Adv Diya Shetkar said.

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