Almost fatal dance fad “kiki challenge” becomes a hot craze among tourists in Goa, police warn of strict action


The Goa Police today warned people against taking up the ‘Kiki’ challenge, the latest internet dance fad, saying it is “highly dangerous” to the safety of the performers as well as the road users.

Police have warned of strict action under the Motor Vehicle Act and the Indian Penal Code (IPC) against those performing stunts under the Kiki challenge, states PTI.

Meanwhile, the almost fatal dance challege has become a big fad in Goa, particularly among the tourists who visit Goa from the rest of the country to indulge in fun and in most of the cases a drunken binge.

The “Kiki Challenge is highly dangerous to one’s own safety and also to that of other road users,” the state police stated in an advisory issued here said today, reports news agency PTI.

The Kiki challenge videos which have gone viral on social media show a person leaping out of a moving vehicle on the road and dancing while he or she is being clicked in a video format.

Police said those performing such stunts are liable to be arrested and the vehicle can also be confiscated.

with inputs from PTI

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