Are contestants allowed to have Sex in the Bigg Boss House, asks Gehana Vasisth?

Referring to news articles in Business of Cinema and News Nation which reported that Bandagi Kalra and Puneesh Sharma tried to get into one of the bathrooms in the Bigg Boss house together ostensibly to have sex, Gehana Vasisth posed a point blank question to Colors and Endemol if having sex inside the Bigg Boss house  was allowed?
Even if contestants try to go some remote area which is not adequately covered by the cameras, and try to have sex or any other intimate physical activity, what will the channel do?
Sexual or intimate acts could happen between male and female contestants or female-female or male-male as there are at least 2 gays and one bi contestant in the house. I want Bigg Boss to publicly clarify what are the rules of the house, when it comes to getting physically intimate, Gehana asked?
By physically intimate, I mean more than kissing and could include smooching or fondling each other or actually having sex, she explained
Reportedly, Puneesh and Bandgi were recently caught trying to have some intimate moments in the bathroom. As News Nation claimed, they tried to have sex in the bathroom and were caught.

Business of Cinema says “Puneesh and Bandgi, had planned to make out and get cozy in the bathroom. Late night, the two were planning to enter the bathroom but as soon as they tried doing so, the cameras rolled towards their side. This made them alert immediately about things being recorded. Puneesh and Bandgi then got back to their respective beds without having any conversation further.”

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