Arshi Khan is also married to a Pakistani bookie from Karachi Hamid Mushtaq Ansari

Over the last 10 days, South actress Gehana Vasisth has been making one expose after the other. She has targeted Bigg Boss Season 11 contestants, Priyank Sharma (whom she called a dog and a womanizer), Arshi Khan (whom she called fake), Bandagi Kalra (who she called a user), Shilpa Shinde (whom she also said was fake) and Vikas Gupta (whom she called bisexual).


She has now claimed that Arshi Khan got married to one Pakistani national from Karachi who is a bookie and a big-time hawala racketeer. In a chat with Asia Tv, Gehana Vasisth said, “Do you know that Arshi Khan has time and again filed police complaints that she was threatened by bookies from Pakistan and Dubai. You can just Google online and check out the facts if you type Arshi+Khan+bookie+Dubai you will come to know that Arshi Khan had filed complaints in 2015 and again in 2016 against some Pakistani and Dubai-based bookies. What Arshi Khan did not tell the world that one of the bookies was her husband from Karachi and she was married to him. When her husband found out that Arshi Khan was close to Shahid Afridi (which was another big lie) he tried to influence her to fix a meeting with Shahid Afridi. The bookie husband offered her Rs 10 crore which she could give to Shahid Afridi and get him to turn the match. But her husband did not know that Arshi Khan was lying all along and she had never met or spoken to Afridi in her life. So they fought and Arshi dumped her Pakistani husband,” reveals Gehana Vasisth adding that in the year 2015, Arshi Khan had publicly admitted that she was being threatened by bookies from Pakistan. Click here to watch video.


In an exclusive interview with Asia Tv, Gehana said, “Arshi Khan ke 2 nahi, balkhi 4 kand hein. If I was in Priyank or Sapna’s place, I would say, Pune, Goa, Mumbai and Jaipur-Delhi. She has also a scandal in Bangalore.”

When we asked Gehana Vasisht as to where she got this information from she refused to tell us, but then we told her that without knowing all the facts we could not publish the story, so Gehana retorted that one Singh from Jaipur told her about it, adding that Arshi Khan had been working with co-ordinator Singh from Jaipur who knows all her dirty secrets.

To watch Gehana Vasisth’s video interview CLICK here: Arshi Khan’s Sex Scandals

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