Arshi Khan to host a gala Bigg Boss after-party for all BB ex-contestants

A little birdie told us that Arshi Khan will host a Bigg Boss After Party for all former and ex-Bigg Boss contestants.

While Arshi Khan refused to speak on this issue Arshi Khan’s publicist and manager Flynn Remedios said that Arshi Khan is planning many surprises for the AWAM and a Bigg Boss After Party could possibly be one of the surprises.

“I cannot reveal any more details now, but yes there are many surprises on the way and we are definitely working on a big AFTER PARTY for all of Arshi Khan’s Bigg Boss friends and other former Bigg Boss contestants from previous seasons,” he said.

Sources told us that the party will be a very private affair, with only Arshi Khan’s personal Bigg Boss friends as well as a few other celebs who will be invited. But it will be really happening, entertaining and great fun, our source said.

Arshi Khan will repeat her feat of 2017 and will be the most searched entertainer of 2018 as well.

A host of digital milestones and digital events coordinated with ground events are being planned for 2018 and Arshi’s Awam can expect a lot of hungama in the coming year, Remedios said, adding that Arshi Khan has been signed on for a Bollywood film, details of which will be revealed after the Bigg Boss finale in mid-Jan.

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