As the crime rate nosedives in Ponda, disciplinarian and perfect gentleman PI Harish Madkaikar is the man of the moment


According to a report in the Herald on Thursday, crimes under the jurisdiction of Ponda Police Station have dropped considerably this year.

While police attribute this drop in crimes to their policing and law enforcement measures, patrolling, preventive action and public awareness meetings, one name cannot be left out, and that is of PI Harish Madkaikar – the man solely responsible for the greatly improved law and order situation in Ponda.

Harishchandra Madkaikar Ponda PS
PI Harish Madkaikar of Ponda Police Station

While the rogues and thugs both in Ponda and Shiroda fear him and tremble at the very mention of his name, the poor and the meek are not afraid to come to him with their problems.

Most residents of Ponda, Shiroda and the surrounding areas are quick to point out that Madkaikar with his calm, poised and yet strict approach to the most trying situations has managed to bring the worst under control.

Claims the Herald report: there were no major law and order situation in Ponda taluka last year 2018 and this was due to timely action by the police.

But were it not for PI Harish Madkaikar‘s intuition and quick responses, the situation would not have been so rosy.

Despite the shortage of staff, and the increasing population and traffic load in the area, the police doubled up the preventive measures to reduce crimes in the Ponda jurisdiction.

The total number of cases recorded under IPC in 2017 were 211, which was down to 149 in 2018. While the crime detection rate in 2017 was 81.99 percent, in 2018 it was 93 percent.

Madkaikar attributes that to better enforcement, hard work, patrolling and preventive action which helped to reduce the overall crime rate.

While the credit goes to the entire Ponda police team, Madkaikar’s leadership skills and his calm demeanor is the main reason why Ponda has seen a stark improvement in the law and order situation over the last 12 months.

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