Bandagi Kalra caught having sex with Puneesh Sharma in Bigg Boss house?

The love birds Puneesh Sharma and Bandgi Kalra are often seen having some cute moments and do not  shy away from PDA or public display of affection.

Bandagi Kalra was also seen with a love bite on her body, but it was not confirmed if it was some rash or actually a love bite reports a website.

Puneesh Sharma was seen kissing Bandagi Kalra several times inside the Bigg Boss house.

But this time the two has got into some serious trouble because of their blooming love affair. Reportedly, Puneesh and Bandgi were recently caught trying to have some intimate moments in the bathroom. As News Nation claimed, they tried to have sex in the bathroom and were caught.

Business of Cinema says “Puneesh and Bandgi, had planned to make out and get cozy in the bathroom. Late night, the two were planning to enter the bathroom but as soon as they tried doing so, the cameras rolled towards their side. This made them alert immediately about things being recorded. Puneesh and Bandgi then got back to their respective beds without having any conversation further.”



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