Bigg Boss 11: Gauhar Khan supports Arshi Khan once again, Tweets in her support

Fights in the Bigg Boss house are getting uglier by the day.

With the latest episode showing Priyank Sharma attacking Arshi Khan and slut-shaming her, Gauahar Khan took to Twitter to voice her opinion in support of Arshi Khan once again:

She wrote: “The voice of biggboss when the episode goes in for break is enough to give a clear pic…ilzaam lagaane waalon ko diya Arshi ne mooh Tod jawaab (sic).”

According to the latest promo, Hina Khan accuses Arshi of flirting with the men in the house. And Priyank comes up on the stands and accuse Arshi of being provocative and cheap. He even said that Arshi told her that she will tear her clothes in the house.

This irked Arshi who lost her cool and said: “Arshi Khan will tear her clothes, nobody’s father bought them for her.” A huge fight begins between Arshi and Priyank, and the latter is seen shamelessly laughing at it. Who’s the catalyst you ask? Well, Hina Khan.

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