Bigg Boss 12 contestant Sourabh Patel lied about his identity to enter the show


Controversies are a major part of Bigg Boss, both inside and outside the house. While inmates are already having a tough time dealing with difficult situations, Bigg Boss 12 contestant Sourabh Patel is making headlines for all the wrong reasons.

As per sources, Sourabh, who entered the Salman Khan show as a farmer, is actually an assistant casting director, aspiring to be an actor. This is not the end. Sourabh’s real name is Sahil Rameshwar Patel.

A popular television casting director on the condition of anonymity shared with, “While I haven’t worked with Sahil, I have known him for a long time now. He used to work as an assistant to a lot of my colleagues. It’s surprising to see him on Bigg Boss. He has changed his look after growing a beard. He has always been street smart and jugadu. Guess, he managed to trick the makers.”

Sourabh entered the show as a farmer from Jabalpur with his friend, businessman Shivashish Mishra. The two claimed to represent the common man on Bigg Boss.

Not just Sourabh, even Shivashish has been accused of lying about his identity. As per his photos doing the rounds on social media, he is a model by profession.

While the casting director confirmed that Sourabh belonged to Madhya Pradesh, he was definitely not as financially strong as shown in his introduction video. “He worked on a salary of Rs 15,000 and was desperately trying to become an actor.

Seeing him drive a high-end car in his video was amusing to see. Well, none of us have too much clue if he has a farming background but he definitely does not own acres of land as he had claimed on the stage in front of Salman Khan,” the amused source added.

Sourabh has been one of the few calm contestants on Bigg Boss 12 until now. He has come across as a mature and sensible person on the show. Even during fights, he has tried his best to salvage the situation.

Last night, he was also seen crying his heart out after his friend Shivashish got into an ugly fight with Sreesanth. Also it was because of Shivashish’s non-cooperative nature that the housemates nominated the jodi this week.

Another source from the show shared with us, “The casting is done by external agencies and channel. It is still not clear whether Sourabh indeed managed to fool the makers. Even his partner Shivashish is said to be a model. The makers could be knowing about their true backgrounds. And they could have been taken on the show to add the needed drama. They don’t behave like friends and have zero chemistry. But they did manage to garner eyeballs in the first week itself. Job done quite well, I must say.”

Sourabh’s Instagram account that is handled by his cousin interestingly has his real name ‘Sahil’ also in the Bio. It reads, “Official Account 🚫 Name:-SAHIL #dilsesupport FARMER🍀 Mercedes LOVER🏎️ BiGG BOSS:-12 UPCOMING WiNNER🎉👑 JABALPUR ( RANJHI)🏙️ Handling by his cousin.” As for Shivashish, his bio on Insta reads, “Entrepreneur.Farmer.Director and brand model of A nutrition company.Channel marketing head.Ex-model ex-actor ex-bodybuilder.”

Source: Indian Express

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