Bigg Boss 12, Day 8: Co-Captains Kriti and Roshmi Penalised For Breaking House Rules


The contestants in Bigg Boss 12 were in for a happy surprise over the weekend when Salman Khan announced that no one will be evicted in the first week.

However, the contestants are unaware of the shock Bigg Boss has in store for some of them, which will be revealed in tonight’s episode.

After waking up the housemates by playing a peppy track, Bigg Boss will play a clip for the contestants which will show how many of them broke basic house rules – like sleeping during the day, switching their mics off of keeping them aside for conversations or speaking in English.

In one part of the clip, the contestants will see how Kriti pushed Shivashish in the pool fully aware of the fact that he was wearing his mic – the participants are forbidden to damage anything which belongs to Bigg Boss.

The contestants will then understand that the clip has been played for a purpose. Bigg Boss will revoke the safety (from eviction) clause in Kriti and Roshmi’s captaincy tenure, which will dishearten them.

One of the reasons why the housemates want to be made captain is for the week-long security from the nomination and eviction process.

The Khan sisters will make this the agenda of their next verbal spat with Kriti, whom they dislike thoroughly.

In another segment of tonight’s episode, Bigg Boss will announce open nominations (for eviction) in a graveyard set-up.

The contestants will be asked to pick up mini wax statues (resembling the contestants) and put it in a melting pot stating the reason behind nominating them.

Source: NDTV

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