Bigg Boss: Sourabh Patel AKA Sahil Patel, a struggling Casting Director at MAHADA, Four Bungalows for the last 4 years operated out of a 4×4 ft office


Bigg Boss season 12 is seeing a mixture of commoners and celebrities together in the BB house. It is a fight between singletons and jodis.

After shocking revelations about Anup Jalota and Jasleen Mathura’s relationship and Sreesanth’s larks, here comes in another news about commoner contestant Sourabh Patel.

According to reports, Sourabh Patel has lied about his name as well as his profession. The contestant’s real name is Sahil Rameshwar Patel and he is from the entertainment industry and not a farmer as he claimed, reports DNA.

In the past, Sourabh has worked as an assistant casting director for the production houses such as Rashmi Sharma and BAG Films. He has also been a struggling actor. has learnt that Sahil Patel who changed his name to Sourabh Patel was a struggling casting director for the last four years, operating out of a 4×4 cubicle in MAHADA which served as his casting agency office. In the year 2016, he teamed up with another outfit, Starline Films and Productions run by fashion photographer and was operating and conducting auditions at Bungalow No 41 at Four Bungalows, MAHDA. Sahil Patel had several debts and somehow managed to find some friends in the casting agencies associated with Colors and Endemol who were casting for Bigg Boss 12.

According to a sting operation conducted by, for this season, Endemol had outsourced the casting to several free-lance casting consultants and was paying them Rs 5000 for every candidate short-listed. has copies and print screen images of emails sent by Endemol officials to various casting directors from Adarsh Nagar and MAHADA near Lokhandwala as well as agents in Delhi who did the casting for the channel on a free-lance basis.

Speaking exclusively to, the fashion photographer said: Sahil met me in Goa before the show and told me that he was entering as a farmer. He told me how he managed to con the makers and pose as a commoner along with his partner who was also a struggling actor. The duo have allegedly spent Rs 2-3 lakh on the setup and “fraud” to convice the production house to take them on, the photographer revealed to

This news must have surely come as a shocker for all the Bigg Boss fans! By the way, it’s just the first week, the whole season is yet to finish.

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