BJP’s bubble of fake propaganda and lies has finally burst: Girish Chodankar


The Assembly results in five states, in which the BJP could not garner adequate votes and have been shown the door, will have a “far reaching impact” on Goa’s politics, which is currently plagued by turmoil, state Congress President Girish Chodankar said on Tuesday, according to an IANS report.

Speaking to this reporter, Chodankar said the BJP’s bubble of fake propaganda and lies has finally burst. The electorate has made its voice heard. Truth has triumphed over falsehood, love over hatred and democracy and freedom over communalism.

“This result will have far reaching impact on Goa’s politics and pose a good lesson to the BJP’s allies, specially the Goa Forward Party and some others, whose leaders had criticized Rahul Gandhi’s leadership in Goa Assembly and outside time and again,” Chodankar said in a statement.

“The impact will be seen in both by-elections (in Goa). The Goa fiasco, where the BJP grabbed and overturned a popular mandate won by the Congress and subsequent non-governance for last nine months, have also contributed to BJP’s defeat in the five states,” Chodankar said.

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