Deepika Padukone reveals all details about her engagement with Ranveer Singh, says she was once asked for a bl*w job


This year commenced with persistent rumours of Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone getting engaged and plans for their wedding. The rumours caught fire when the couple flew down to Sri Lanka with their respective families. It was being assumed that the couple has gone to exchange rings.

However, in a recent interview to Evening Standards the ‘Padmavat’ actress had a bit to say about both her professional and personal life.

When inquired about the ongoing rumour about her engagement, the actress said, “I try and keep it separate as much as possible, but I don’t try to fight or control the speculation.”

She further revealed that for her it’s her parents’ marriage which is a benchmark. ‘The way they are as a couple, the way they have held the family together. They are amazing role models.’ And the actress certainly wants to start her own family someday. She said, “Absolutely — I want to have kids.”

Deepika also opened up about her own battle with depression. She said it’s something which can disturb anyone deeply. She has her own foundation named Live Love Laugh Foundation working towards helping the affected ones. She told the magazine, “There are a lot of people who come and say that they contemplated committing suicide and after seeing the video interview that I’ve done, they actually understand what they were going through and their lives have changed. And that was the entire purpose of doing what I did. So I’m happy I made that decision to come out.”

According to a report in, Deepika Padukone has always been vocal and has always called a spade a spade. Recently in an interview, Deepika spoke at length about her encounters with sexism during the initial days of struggle.

She shockingly also confessed that she was asked by someone to get a b**b job done, claims


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