Designer Randell Gomes teams up with model Illasha Jain


Goan fashion, accessories and jewellery designer Randell Gomes has teamed up with model and actress Illasha Jain to spread awareness about the threat to the environment in Goa due to uncensored haphazard Tourism activity.

Gomes who announced his new Spring-Summer 2015 Collection told an entertainment and fashion portal that the special line titled NATUREZA – which is the Portuguese word for Nature – is inspired by the greenery of Goa and is dedicated to the protection of the environment and natural flora and fauna.”

The elements including in the making of NATUREZA  have a special reference to the environmental degradation of Randell Gomes’ home-town Goa – be it due to excessive and uncontrolled mining, haphazard development, garbage collection and disposal problems, coastal zone violations, etc. “Today Goa is faced with several threats due to the rampant and unauthorised construction activity along the coastline, lack of civic infrastructure, lack of garbage collection and disposal methods, no proper drainage system and many more.”

Gomes pointed out that in the beach areas of Calangute, Candolim and Baga, he found sewage pits very close to wells that provide water for cleaning and washing activities. “This is a big environmental and health hazard. Very often sewage and drainage water seeps into wells and it is a known fact that many wells in the beach belt of North Goa are polluted and the water is not potable.”

Gomes has selected Delhi model and actress Illasha Jain as his show stopper and brand ambassador for the NATUREZA Collection which will be available on order throughout the world, Gomes told The Indo-western fusion of hand-embroidered and embellished chikankari saree and anarkali collection, incorporates intricate hand-work and embroidery including about 22 different styles or types of hand-embroidered chikankari stitch-work.

Fashion, jewelry, accessories and footwear designer Randell Gomes was born in Goa of Portuguese descent, but grew up in Mumbai. He is now based in the UK and is a couturier par excellence. He also does pret lines now and then. He is also known for his controversial designs and concepts.

His collections are very practical and wearable not to forget affordable and are inspired primarily by places, nature and the environment. The designer saris give the wearer a very regale and classy appeal. They are all hand-embellished and hand-embroidered and contain exquisite hand work from different parts of India. The Randell Gomes Anarkali collection is value for money and is available in various sizes, designs, silhouettes, cuts and fits and even for the plus-sized, middle-aged woman, Gomes said.

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