Fake casting director Amit Sehgal has conned hundreds of aspiring actors, cheated even Bigg Boss contestant Arshi Khan

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Readers will remember how Bigg Boss 11 contestant Arshi Khan had got into a controversy concerning a film with South superstar Prabhas. Almost immediately, after Bigg Boss 11 came to a close, it was widely reported that Arshi Khan was signed opposite a film starring Prabhas.

casting-director-amit-sehgal (1)However, a week after the news went viral, Prabhas clarified that he had no idea about the project and was not doing any such film. Well, Arshi Khan was quick to reiterate that she had a signed contract and that she was approached by a production house who claimed they had signed on Prabhas. The production house gave Arshi Khan a film contract, and she tweeted about the project based on that film contract. The news then died a natural death.

IndiaScoops.com has now learned that the architect of this entire fraud was a casting director by the name of Amit Sehgal, who along with a fake producer Muzaffar Sheikh and another crook by the name of Shahid Khan.

The modus operandi of Amit Seghal is to approach known, but gullible artistes and offer them meaty roles  in big-budget  productions. Everything is fake – the star cast, the distributor, the producer and so on. Sehgal also gives the artiste a contract and at times a post-dated cheque. He then taken 20  to 30 per cent of the cheque amount from the artiste in cash as his commission. Besides Arshi Khan, Amit Sehgal also cheated a well-known Bhojpuri actor Sangita Tiwari and took Rs 5000  from her after giving her a fake cheque of Rs 5 lakh which obviously bounced.

IndiaScoops.com has learned that Amit Seghal has cheated hundreds of struggling artistes both male and female in Mumbai. He recently changed his residence and has shifted to Charkop after people started chasing him. One male artiste whom he conned of about Rs 90,000/- has even filed an FIR against Sehgal, but the cops are going slow on the case, as Sehgal has probably bribed the cops.

Amit Sehgal is a professional conman. He has cheated hundreds of struggling Bollywood aspirants. According to unconfirmed sources,  Amit Sehgal is wanted by the Delhi police in a case where he allegedly cheated a jewelry company  of Rs one crore. He changes his phone numbers several times a year and has at-least 5 criminal cases pending against him in Mumbai. Readers are advised to beware of this professional cheat!

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Editor’s Note: Arshi Khan’s manager has sent us a clarification via email stating that to the best of his knowledge and belief, casting director Amit Sehgal had only introduced Arshi Khan to the producers who claimed to be doing a Prabhas film. Amit Sehgal has explained to Arshi Khan’s team that he himself did not know that the producer and the production house were fake. He has not charged any fee or commission from Arshi Khan.


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  3. Hello my name is Sunil amit shegal ne mere sath v chetting kya h usne mere se 50k Liya Tha kaam k liye par Abhi tak kuch nahi Hua wo mujhe chq v diya Tha wo Bounse ho gaya ab uska number band aa raha h kya karu

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