Flynn Remedios reacts to Hina Khan’s bf Rocky Jaiswal’s ‘Pool of Dirt’ comment against Arshi Khan

Speaking to news portal, Arshi Khan’s publicist and manager Flynn Remedios did not take kindly to Rocky Jaiswal’s ‘pool of dirt’ comment against Arshi Khan. 
He said, “Both Arshi Khan and Hina ji are part of a game called Bigg Boss. While going in the show, they are well aware that they have to get their hands dirty. Everyone knows that Bigg Boss is not for the timid and weak hearted. Hina ji knew very well when she signed up for the show that at least one or more of the contestants would pick on her and there would be fights. To a certain extent, contestants waive off their rights and privileges when they sign up for the show. I took action against Priyank Sharma only because he was strictly warned  not to reveal details about the outside after coming back on the show. Also the statements  or remarks he made were regarding a ‘legally privileged matter’. As far as the contestants go, its a game or like a film where contestants are playing a part. Rocky Jaiswal who is not part of the show has no business making un-parliamentary comments against Arshi Khan. This is the second time Mr Jaiswal has said unwelcome things about my client. I am warning him through the media that he should not interfere in the show and not make defamatory statements or use words that are defamatory to Arshi Khan as he is not part of the show. Besides, not every thing is telecast and there are many portions that people do not see or hear. It goes without saying that the makers would only show the controversial words or sentences and parts of their conversations or fights for obvious financial reasons. By using such words, Mr Jaiswal is prejudicing my client in the eyes of the viewers and public. He is free to comment on Arshi Khan’s behaviour as long as he uses “acceptable” language, or else I will be forced to take civil and criminal action against him,” Remedios said. 
According to a Times of India report, Rocky said, “Arshi Khan is the ‘Black Hole’ of the show! She will suck in any or everyone who tread even close to her. If one is asked to talk about a pool of dirt, the word ‘Dirt’ will definitely be used in the context, quite similarly if you talk about Arshi you will have to comment on whatever she does. Obviously people who want to target Hina both inside and outside for some cheap publicity and screen space will catch onto it and say that she shamed Arshi. But frankly you can not spoil what’s already spoilt. She has nothing to lose and she’s using it to her advantage.”
What does Mr Jaiswal mean by referring to Arshi Khan as ‘you can not spoil what’s already spoilt’, Remedios asked.

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