Gehana Vasisth responds to transgender models’ claim

Gehana Vasisth’s PR and manager Suresh Shetty in response to a report that has appeared on the reputed Television portal said:
“Gehana Vasisth was not at all referring to the concerned model who has been quoted in the article. In fact, there was a mistake in the article run by Asia Tv and it should have read as follows:
“The transgender girl who is a make up artist and stylist by profession and formerly lived at Oshiwara in suburban Mumbai is emotionally and mentally upset because of this act of cheating and breach of trust on the part of Dennis Nagpal who had promised to get her into Bigg Boss,”
The “girl” Gehana Vasisth was referring to has shifted to Lucknow, where she originally hails from, said her spokesperson. I do not know what this woman is asking Gehana to prove, because we never referred to her at all.
She is merely presuming or assuming we were talking about her because the article mentioned transgender girl from Oshiwara, she does not know that there are 2 more transgender girls living in Oshiwara who are actively involved in the film industry. I do not want to disclose names, so please do not ask me to do that.
Little knowledge is a dangerous thing, quipped Gehana’s publicist.
Shetty also stated that they have received a legal notice sent by Arshi Khan’s publicist Flynn Remedios and have replied to it in the appropriate legal manner. We are ready to take the battle to the courts and will say what has to be said in the court, Shetty informed. We are not afraid of anyone.

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