Gehana Vasisth’s most scandalous revelations about Bigg Boss 11 contestants

Gehana Vasisth is no new comer to the film and television industry. Before we list out all her scandalous exposes regarding the Bigg Boss contestants, let us tell you a little bit about Gehana Vasisth.

Model turned actress Gehana Vasisth was the winner of an international online contest and is currently active  in the Tamil and Telugu film industry.

Currently she has a number of projects in her kitty like Anakunnadi Okkathi Ayyindi Okkathi,  Aidu 5, Namasthe, and Btech Love Story which are in different stages of production or have already released.

In the last 4 years, she has featured in more than 20 films in the south and acted opposite well-known male actors in Tamil and Telugu movies. So she is not hungry or desperate for publicity as some people would say, and she has managed to earn enough money to buy her own flat and SUV in Mumbai, working in over 20 films.

She  has also featured in more than 70 advertisements. She made her TV debut as an anchor in TV Channel and later appeared as VJ on MTV India show.  Gehana was also part of the Cricket World Cup 2015 with a local news channel alongside other celebs.

Now lets look at what she has to say about the Bigg Boss Season 11 contestants:

About Priyank SharmaIn an exclusive interview to Asia TV, Gehana Vasisth said, “Priyank Sharma is a dog. He is an ass-licker who can even sleep around for work. He is totally shameless, spineless and morals-less (sic). He is a blot on humanity. Insaniyat ke naam par ek dhabba hein, Priyank Sharma.”

But after a few hours, she outdid herself and tweeted another #PolKhol, claiming that Priyank Sharma has a sexual harassment or molestation case registered against him in Delhi. Gehana also alleged in an interview to  that Priyank has been sleeping with Vikas for work.

About Arshi Khan: Actress Gehana Vasisth made a series of allegations against Bigg Boss contestant Arshi Khan, alleging that she had been faking about everything right from her age, her educational qualifications, to claims of having s** with Pakistani cricketer Shahid Afridi. In a tweet, she claimed that almost all of Arshi Khan’s nude images are fake and have been stolen from the internet and then re-edited. “Most of the images are not those of Arshi Khan, but stolen from the internet and then photo-shopped,” said Gehana.

She also claimed that Arshi Khan is married to a 50-year-old producer-distributor from Delhi and that she is his third wife. Today, she claimed that Arshi Khan has been arrested 4 times. 2 nahi, balki 4 kand hein, she told Asia TV.

About Puneesh Sharma-Bandagi Kalra-Dennis Nagpal: Gehana Vasisth has alleged that the love affair between Bandagi and Puneesh is fake and orchestrated by Dennis Nagpal who is working with Colors. Puneesh is his friend and Dennis is trying to promote his friend and his girl friend and the entire break up drama is fake and stage managed by Dennis Nagpal.

About Zubair Khan: Gehana Vasisth revealed to Asia TV that Zubair Khan called her up after requesting for her contact number on Facebook and asked her to support him and wanted to hold a joint press conference. Since I do not know anything about Zubair Khan’s case and his real background and issues, I did not respond to him, she said.


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