Goa BJP shares doctored, photo-shopped image of CM Manohar Parrikar attending IPB meeting

The Goa State BJP on Tuesday evening shared an image of the ailing Goa CM Manohar Parrikar attending – and as per media reports as well as the BJP party’s statement – chairing a meeting of the Goa Investment Promotion and Facilitation Board (Goa-IPB) at his private residence at Taleigao.

At the meeting approval was given to seven projects, which would bring in an investment to the tune of Rs 230 crore and create around 400 jobs, reports The Navhind Times.

However a forensic examination of the shared image by IndiaScoops.com, which was widely circulated on Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp groups as well as by BJP leaders and their allies lie the Goa Forward Party and the MGP in Goa, shows that the image was manipulated, photo-shopped and doctored and was not the original image or natural image.

Even the image information or meta data that reveals the type and make of camera, the type of lens, the lens aperture, the focal length and other technical image and camera details, which is normally saved internally when a photograph is clicked – both by a mobile phone camera or a digital camera, was either manipulated or altered and deleted. There was different info on some images or copies of the images, obtained from different sources, while on most of the copies of the same image, this info was blank or deleted.

Why was this detail deleted? If the Goa BJP party and the Goa government wants to convince the people that the CM is well and able to work, why manipulate the image, is the question we are trying to get answers to via this post?

While some may argue that the image we examined was forwarded and re-forwarded via several sources and the same could have got deleted at any stage in between, the question still remains, why would anyone want to delete all this info?

Further, we examined the same image sourced from various platforms and sources like Whats App, Facebook and Twitter.  In all cases the technical image info was not available, which means that it was deleted at the source, when the image was first released in the public domain. The question remains, Why? What are they trying to hide? What do they have to hide from the Goan public?

IndiaScoops.com does not claim that the CM’s image was photo-shopped or that he was not physically present during the photo shoot. However, the fact remains that the image released was not original and was doctored,  our forensic examination has revealed.

According to a digital forensic expert and head of department working with  a Government of India forensic Lab, who was contacted by IndiaScoops.com, for an opinion and who examined the image, – several copies of the image which were provided to him, certified that manipulation, editing, blurring and doctoring was carried out on the image, before it was released in the public domain.

“It can be seen from the red circles marked on the image below, that there is no text matter on the pages. It cannot be that both the pages are blank and no text matter can be seen on the pages. Further the image resolution and the pixels per inch or ppi and the size of the pixels was reduced and changed to such an abysmally low level that further examination of the image or any other digital analysis is not possible,” the expert told  IndiaScoops.com.

However, the expert did tell IndiaScoops.com that Parrikar’s eyes seem to be closed and the CM does not seem to be actively chairing the meeting as claimed, but was merely sitting on the sofa or was propped up and made to sit on the sofa for the photo. The body language, position and angle of the CM’s body reveals that the CM was not ‘chairing’ the meting as claimed or as reported by the media.

Further, a close examination of the CM’s image under magnification reveals that he is uncomfortable and in some sort of discomfort or pain and he is merely obliging the photographer due to some compulsion or favor, the expert said.

According to the Navhind Times report, following a controversy over the last meeting of IPB, held on October 17 at IT hub at Altinho, as it was claimed that the meet was chaired by the Chief Minister through video-conferencing, Tuesday’s meeting was fixed at Parrikar’s private residence in Taleigao.

Speaking to media after the meeting, IT Minister Rohan Khaunte, who is also the vice-chairman of IPB, said that Parrikar chaired the IPB meeting which should clear all apprehensions raised regarding the earlier meeting chaired by him through video-conferencing.

However, the forensic expert was of the opinion that the CM was merely present, as seen in the image, but the photo circulated does not show or confirm the active participation of the CM. Mere presence for a posed-for image cannot be considered as active participation, he opined.

“During the last meeting held on October 17 at IT hub, the Chief Minister was on video-conferencing for ten minutes,” he said, adding that on Tuesday, he found Parrikar to be in good health. Khaunte also said that Parrikar provided suggestions on how to go forward. Further, Khaunte said that Goa needs the right investment and it is our collective responsibility including that of the media to send the right message to investors.

Chief executive officer of IPB Vishal Prakash said that a total of 13 proposals were discussed during the meeting of which seven were approved, three were deferred for want of more information and it was decided to revoke permission of two projects on grounds of misuse of approvals, which were granted earlier. Besides, one proposal was rejected.

The IPB has given the approval to seven projects including Hughes Precision Manufacturing Pvt Ltd for setting up ammunition manufacturing facility in the state.

The meeting was also attended by Tourism Minister Manohar Ajgaonkar besides members of IPB including Atrey Sawant, Ernest Dais, Yatin Kakodkar, Shekhar Sardesai, Rajkumar Kamat and secretary of Industries Sudhir Mahajan.

with inputs from  Navhind Times

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