Goa gang rape main accused wanted for nearly 10 rapes including rape of a minor, 2 murders including a double murder and over 12 cases of robbery


8-10 gang-rape cases including two two cases of rape of minors, two murder cases, including a double murder of a couple and 12-15 cases of house-breaking and robberies. That’s the number of criminal cases, around 22 cases to be precise, dreaded gang-rape accused Ishwar Makran has allegedly confessed to the team of police officials at the Bagawada police station, Indore, MP as revealed during interrogations at the South district police headquarters on Tuesday, reports The Goan.

The accused did not spare his associates and their family members. He was involved in the murder of his own associate Ajay Bhill in 2016 and is believed to have raped the daughter of his another associate, Man Singh the same year, informed district police chief, SP Arvind Gawas after a joint interrogation of the accused since Monday night.

He was involved in the gruesome double murder case committed in November 6, 2017, but which has come to light only on May 3 last. The accused was carrying a reward of Rs 20,000 announced by the DIG, Indore after the police established his role in the crimes, the SP said. “In one case, the accused and his associates terrorized three boys and four girls, before they allegedly gang-raped the girls,” he added. Another report from MP claims the accused has a reward of Rs 50k on his head and is an expert at house-breaking and burglary.

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Replying to a question, SP Gawas pointed out that only Ishwar is wanted in all these criminal cases back home at the Bagawada police station in Indore district, adding that the other two accused have a relatively free criminal record, but still have 2-3 cases against each of them, mainly as accomplices.

The police team from Bagawada police station, which descended at the district headquarters accused Ishwar Makran throughout the night, wherein he confessed to the 22 criminal cases, including eight rape cases, 12 robberies and two murder cases, including a double murder. “The accused may be still wanted in many other cases. The accused is being confronted by the Bagawada police station to ascertain the role of the accused in other criminal cases back home,” the district police said.

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