If inquiry conducted on Rafale deal, PM Narendra Modi will go to Jail: Rahul Gandhi


INDORE: Congress President Rahul Gandhi on Tuesday called the Rafale deal an “open-and-shut case of corruption” and said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi would “go to jail” if an inquiry is held, reports The Economic Times.

The Congress president was responding to questions put to him in a meeting with select senior journalists.

When asked by Economic Times whether his phrases like ‘Chowkidaar Chor Hai’ used against PM Modi would go down well with the public, he said: “Mr Modi is not (just) called a corrupt man, he is a corrupt man. Let’s not be confused. The Rafale case is an open and shut case. The day an inquiry starts on Rafale, it is only a question of time that the PM will go to jail. Nothing less.”

“In all likelihood, an inquiry is going to start in France on the Rafale issue,” Gandhi said adding that Modi “broke every single procedure and law to favour” Anil Ambani.

“There is plenty more where that came from; and it is bigger than Rafale”, he added. When ET asked him about his views on the Supreme Court order allowing women of all ages at Sabarimala, Gandhi said his personal view was that women were equal to men and they should be allowed to go anywhere.

“My party’s view on Sabarimala is that it is an extremely emotional issue for men and women in Kerala, and women in Kerala are supporting this idea. So we have a difference of opinion between me and my party. But as my party represents the people of Kerala in Kerala, I submit to their wishes,” he said.

Gandhi was also asked his views about the possibility of BJP bringing an ordinance on the Ram Temple issue to which he said this was perhaps the only thing left with the BJP to do. “Aur Bacha Kya Hai. Kuch Nahi Bacha Hai (What else is left?)”, he asked.

Source: Economic Times

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