India’s first domestic cruise ship Angria starts operations between Mumbai and Goa


Goa may always have been on your Holiday list for its pristine beaches and serene seafront. But how about to reaching your favourite holiday destination in Goa on a luxury cruise?

Well, from Saturday, this dream will become reality as country’s first luxury cruise will be operational on Mumbai-Goa sea route. So, forget the bumpy ride on the Mumbai-Goa highway, forget waiting for train tickets or paying for the expensive flight tickets. You can now reach Goa in pomp and style..

From Saturday you can travel to Goa on board Angria which will be country’s first luxury cruise ship.

The Cruise is named after the first Maratha Navy Admiral Kanhoji Angre.

The luxury cruise has 104 rooms, divided into eight different categories as per your budget and size of family and groups. While there is a dormitory for bigger groups, there are premium rooms and luxury suites and even Japanese-styled pods.

Not only this, Angria also has underwater luxury rooms.

There are 6 bars, 2 Restaurants, a swimming pool, Discotheque, a reading room and a Spa for the travellers.

The Cruise can accommodate 400 passengers along with 70 crew members.

“You can catch the Mumbai skyline as we leave the Mumbai coast, enjoy cool breeze at the Sea and then can gaze at zillions of stars from the open decks in the night. This is not just a journey, it’s an experience” said Captain Nitin Dhond, Managing Director of Angria.

India will get to experience the concept of luxury cruise for the first time. The government has been pushing to promote tourism through concepts like these through its ambitious Sagarmala Project. The industry has its own set of expectations from the government, especially about tedious process to obtain permissions.

“We have a huge coastline. The government is already keen about developing ports and Marinas. We feel that they should help the industry as far as the permissions are concerned. If that is simplified, this industry can boom” said Kiran Thakur, Chairman, Angria Cruise.

Angria will make four trips between Mumbai and Goa in a week.

At full speed, it usually takes around 8 hours to reach Goa, but Angria will sail at a leisurely pace and reach Goa in 14 hours so that the passengers can have a good time onboard.

And finally, the price. A ticket for this heaven on the waves will cost between Rs 7,000 to Rs 12,000 per person.

Source: India Today

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