Lamborghini or Navy’s MiG 29: Indian Navy races a Lamborghini with a MIG 29 on the runway: Which is faster on ground?


The video of a MiG 29 racing a Lamborghini at Goa’s Dabolim had netizens thrilled and puzzled. A retired Air Marshal of Indian Air Force, Anil Chopra tweeted the video.

The video shows Indian Navy’s MiG 29K fighter jet racing a Lamborghini Huracan before the fighter plane takes off into the sky. The plane belongs to the Black Panther squadron of the Indian Navy.

The video is an attempt by the Indian Navy to attract new talent and that is why top Navy officials gave permission for the shoot.

The shoot was done for a magazine. The Navy was collaborating with a magazine to compare the performances of the car and the aircraft, the TOI reported.

The Indian Navy is currently short of 91 pilots of the 735 sanctioned posts. Meanwhile, the Indian Army is short of 192 pilots of the 794 sanctioned posts. Navy officials feel that this video will attract young and new talent to join the armed forces as pilots.

A similar race was organised in 2014 between an Indian Air Force Su-30MKI and a Lamborghini Huracan for a leading automobile magazine.

Indian Navy currently has one aircraft carrier which operates the Russian made MiG-29 K. It is likely to get its indigenously built aircraft carrier soon which too will fly MiG-29K.

India is one few countries that operate aircraft carriers. Some of the other countries that operate aircraft carrier’s are USA, France and China.

Maritime flying is one of most difficult and requires unparalleled skill and precision. “When you come into land, from the top the carrier looks as big as a postage stamp. Add to this the fact the deck of aircraft carrier is never stable,” a senior naval pilot said.

Source: Times of India, India Today

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