Mahima Singh Puri Tweets Funny Pic of Her Ass, Twitter Goes Bonkers

Bhojpuri and Tamil actress Mahima Singh Puri surely knows how to stay in the news. After images of her unauthorized, nude butt pics went viral, her ass has been the topic of conversations on social media.

After several fans asked her to upload pics of her butt, Mahima Singh Puri got her manager to click a few naughty images of hers at the airport. In less than 12 hours, the image went viral on social media, with people commenting about the shape and size of Mahima Singh Puri’s bum and comparing it to other film stars, particularly those from the Tamil and Telugu film industry.

Many said she had put on weight after her last ‘nude’ shoot, while others debated on whether the pic was edited and morphed. Others asked her what she ate or which gym she exercised at to get the particular shape.

Mahima of course did not respond to any queries on her derriere.

Here is an exclusive pix:

msp-ass-airport -big


Bhojpuri, Bengali and Tamil actress Mahima SinghPuri who who has been signed on by Hyderabad-based director Rameshnath Venkat Rao for the Tamil film Love, Sex & Passion, found herself in a tight spot when very private and intimate images suddenly made their appearance on the internet. She has claimed that the images were leaked by a director against whom she has now filed a police complaint in Chennai.

Initially, Mahima Singh Puri was on very good terms and in friendship with director Ram Singh Gupta who had promised her big projects and films.

Actress Mahima Singh Puri’s naughty pix of her butt clicked at the airport by her manager, which went viral on social media within a few hours.

However, after some time, Mahima Singh Puri realized that Gupta was just wasting her time and was only interested in sleeping with her.

According to Mahima Singh Puri, the images were shot by a mobile phone camera by director Ram Singh Gupta during a look test.


Since he said it was for a big-budget film based on a true story of a rape victim, I did not mind shooting topless for him as it was also work related. The images were totally private and I am totally shocked and surprised that they have suddenly come out into the public domain, Mahima SinghPuri said.


The actress has also filed a molestation complaint against the director who is alleged to have forced himself on the actress, after she refused to give into his demands.

Tamil item girl and Bhojpuri actress Mahima Singh Puri today filed a written complaint with the Chennai Police. In the written complaint, Mahima Singh Puri has alleged that well-known Bhojpuri director Ram Singh Gupta called her to his office on the pretext of signing the agreement and instructed her to come along and not to bring her manager along as he wanted to discuss some private financial aspects of the deal.
As soon as she reached his office, Ram Singh Gupta showed her an agreement on a Rs 100 stamp paper and asked her to have sex with him before he could sign the agreement.

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