Mridula Sinha behaving more like a BJP Mahila Adhyaksh, than Governor of Goa: Girish Chodankar


Speaking at a Press Conference in Panaji today, Goa Pradesh Congress Committee President Girish Chodankar blasted the Goa Governor saying that Mridula Sinha is behaving more like a BJP Mahila Adhyaksh, than Governor.

“She is availing of all the benefits, salary and perks of the post of a Governor but working as the BJP Mahila wing head. The people of Goa pay her salary and pay for all the perks of high office that she enjoys, but she is not working for the people of Goa at all,” Chodankar said.

“The Goa Governor Mridula Sinha has become a big liability to the people of Goa. She is the constitutional head and protector of the constitution in the State, but her behavior is totally contrary to the post she holds. The administration in the State has collapsed. The Council of Ministers have to advice the Governor, but there is no such thing happening in Goa. The State is in deep trouble and Goans are sad and disturbed, but the ruling government is not least bothered as it suits their purpose. The BJP government wants to hold on to power and the CMs chair at any cost even if it means subverting the Constitution of India,” he said.

Chodankar said as Party President and GPCC head, he will boycott the tea party and meeting at Raj Bhavan and will call upon the Congress party MLAs to do the same.

“I cannot force them, but I will make my position clear,” Chodankar said.

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