NGOs join hands with Goa Congress to hold “Jan Aakrosh” agitation in Mapusa, as hundreds of party workers demand Parrikar’s resignation

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As part of the “Jan Aakrosh” agitation launched by the Congress Party in Goa, hundreds of congress workers with the support of NGO’s and social workers of Bardez Taluka, today marched to the Taluka administration office of Bardez at Mapusa – Goa.

The demonstration under the leadership of the GPCC President Girish Chodankar and Congress leaders including the Tivim MLA, Nilkant Halarnkar, Ex-Dy Chief Minister and Ex- Union Minister Ramakant Khalap, North Goa District President Vijay L. Bhike and party spokesperson Amarnath Panjikar among others, raised slogans to condemn the collapsed administration and law and order in the state. The Goa desk in-charge of the AICC Dr A Chellakumar was also present.

The highlight of the demonstration was the adaptation of the Konkani folk song “Aiz yetelo falaya yetelo pavon pavon pavona” sung by the demonstrators in front of the Deputy Collectors’ office amidst loud clapping and cheering to condemn the absence of the Chief Minister from the administrative scene in the state.

The Deputy Collector and SDO of Bardez, Gaurish Shankhwalkar did meet the demonstrators and deputed his subordinate executive magistrate and Joint Mamlatdar Mrs. Gautami Parmekar to face the agitators.


GPCC President Girish Chodankar and the Tivim legislator Nilkant Halarnkar strongly condemned the undemocratic stand taken by the office of the Deputy Collector as being unprincipled and irresponsible. The GPCC President stated that Officers should act responsibly and not act at the behest of the Ministers.

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The Tivim MLA stated that the District Administration under the Revenue Minister Rohan Khaunte has totally collapsed and people are facing acute problems to resolve their matters in the Mamlatdar and Collector Offices. Let alone the people, but also MLAs are facing problems with the administration to get work done of their constituents. This has never been the case during the Congress rule.

The demonstration culminated into a gathering opposite the Fish Market. Social Workers Sudesh Tivrekar of the Mapusa Peoples Union, Shankar Kanolkar, of the Sirsaim Tourist Taxi Association, Sanjay Barde of the Bodgeshwar Shetkari Association, activists Rajan Ghate, Mrs Nazima Shaikh and others spoke on the occasion.

GPCC President Girish Chodankar said that the Chief Minister is not in a position to speak, to have meetings or even to sign any paper. The CM being in a totally incapacitated state, it is wondered how and on whose directions and whose signatures the administration is carried out. Who is responsible for the files cleared and decisions taken and who is actually taking such decisions. He stated that the administration is in a very precarious state and governance is in danger.

Addressing the gathering, Girish Chodankar demanded to know who were the officials running the administration wearing a mask of the Goa CM. He also demanded that the CM should hoist the flag on 19th December – Goa Liberation Day, failing which the Congress would hold a mammoth rally at Lohia Maidan on the 20th of December.

Addressing the gathering Adv. Ramakant Khalap stated that it is laughable that the Ministers are themselves saying in front of the Media that they are not going to the secretariat. What is being cleared is only the big files like of the Investment Promotion Board where big money is involved and people’s needs are being neglected. Adv. Ramakant Khalap demanded that the Chief Minister should be sensitive towards the needs of the people and resign from the post of the Chief Minister at least by the 19th of December which happens to be the Goa Liberation Day.

Congress leaders condemned the neglect of the Government towards resolving the issues concerning the people like Water, Fish adulteration, Iron ore Mining, Sand Mining, illegal land conversions, etc. and expressed concern that what is blooming in the state is only gambling, casinos, drugs and the prostitution trade.

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