OMG! Actress Avantika Gaokar’s Nude and Semi-Nude Images Leaked?

Model and actress Avantika Gaokar found herself in an uneasy and embarassing situation on Sunday when a website leaked her semi-nude images.

According to sources, Avantika had shot the sample or reference images a month ago on the request of a Hollywood film director for an international web series.
However, she was shocked to find out that the images got leaked on social media and have already gone viral.

Avantika is currently shooting for a Bollywood film in Lucknow. She is also signed on for the Trilok Mukhi Productions’ mega-budged historic period film Pratapgad where she plays the main lead.

Avantika was not available for comment, but her publicist said they are checking with the director to see how the pics came out into the public domain. I have no knowledge about these images and I am not even sure if the images are genuine. Let me check with Avantika and find out what happened, her publicist told this reporter when queried.

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