OMG! Actress Mahima Singh Puri is a call girl?

Tamil and Bhojpuri actress Mahima Singh Puri who has been in the news recently for the leaked, unedited images from her Tamil film Love, Sex & Passion is now playing the role of a high class hooker Riya in another project – a la Kareena Kapoor in the 2004 Bollywood film Chameli starring Rahul Bose.

Shooting for this project began yesterday in Pondicherry, informs Mahima’s publicist and Mahima will be in the south for the next one week for the first schedule of the film. The film script is vaguely similar to that of the 2004 Hindi film Chameli starring Kareena Kapoor and Rahul Bose, but instead of Rahul Bose’s character features a 17-year-old college youth and is tentatively titled College Girls. Mahima Singh Puri is also a college going girl doing her MBBS, but moon-lights as a high-class hooker occasionally, to support her family and pay for her MBBS  fees. On one of her rendezvous as a hooker obviously under an assumed name she meets a filthy rich 16-year-old spoilt college brat who happens to be a politician’s son. The youth falls in love with her and tries to chase her all over town. All hell breaks loose when he sees her in a medical college and recognizes her from a mole on her neck. Her personal and family life becomes living hell as the young thug manages to get her address and starts blackmailing her to have sex with him for free, in order to keep her secret away from her family. Finally, Riya musters the courage to tell her family and her boyfriend the truth about her double life and the blackmail she is going through. That’s when the action begins as Riya’s boyfriend who is also a medical student takes on the politician’s son.


It is directed by Maneesh Singh and the music is scored by DJ and music director Rolling Sound Bytes. The movie revolves around a love story between a call girl and a 17-year old college-going youth.

Generally well-known actresses do not want to play such roles or characters on screen but Mahima Singh Puri accepted it as a challenge and is completely confident that this role will help her to improve acting skills.

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