OMG! Gehana Vasisth’s Makeup Room Selfie Lingerie Pics Leak?

There is a strong buzz that actress-model Gehana Vasisth, who is best known for alleging that Arshi Khan lied about her age and other personal info might be roped in as a wildcard entry inside the show. Some reports even claimed that Gehana Vasisth is already inside the Bigg Boss house, hidden away in a secret room.

If this happens, and Gehana comes face to face with Arshi we wonder what will be the  reaction  of the house mates. Gehana had previously claimed that Arshi Khan is lying about her age and even alleged that the Bigg Boss 11 contestant is married to a 50-year-old man in real life.

While we are not sure when Gehana Vasisth will actually be seen on screen, a little birdie told us that several of Gehana Vasisth’s make up room lingerie pix have leaked. The images are about a month old. Since Gehana is not reachable on her phone, we have no idea where and how these pics leaked. But one thing is sure, viewers on social media are having a good time, sharing and commenting on the leaked images.


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