One more aspiring actress Aneesha Singh Sharma conned by rogue film-maker who leaks her bikini and nude images?

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Model and actress Aneesha Singh Sharma (not her real name) found herself in an uneasy and embarrassing situation when a website leaked her bikini photos. The photos were first published on an adult page on Facebook and later on were picked up by a South-Indian glamour website.

Her manager said that the images were leaked by a rogue director Rameshnath Venkat Rao from Sri Lanka who has been blackmailing Aneesha for the last one month. He demanded sexual favors for a role in an international web series, Aneesha’s manager told

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We have refrained from revealing the victim’s real name and used the name Aneesha Singh Sharma which is her screen name.  We have also refrained from publishing the raw unedited images and the face of the model has been blacked out to prevent viewers from directly identifying her.

Since the last two weeks after her images were published with her real name on Facebook, Aneesha who is also known as Red Lips, among her friends because of her crazy fetish for red lipstick, was forced to remove her photographs from her social media pages, as hundreds of crank users began spamming her.

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Aneesha Singh Sharma’s business manager then filed a written police complaint against film director Rameshnath Venkat Rao who hails from Chennai, but reportedly has fled to Colombo in Sri Lanka since the last two months it is learnt.  Another version says Rao is hiding in North India. has found out that Rao has a precious stones export business in Sri Lanka and visits the country very often.

Aneesha Singh Sharma is allegedly the third model to be cheated by the same rogue film director, earlier models Avantika Gaokar and Marathi actress Smita S Jadhav were similarly blackmailed by the same director who reportedly fled to Sri Lanka after the courts in Chennai issued arrest warrants against him.

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We are however not sure if Rao operates alone or has several accomplices. His real name is not known as he uses different names, depending on the State he is operating in. Rao could possibly be part of a gang of several con men operating from different cities and using false names.  According to the victim he once told her his real name was Pawan Thakur and he was closely linked to UP CM Yogi Adityanath and other top BJP leaders in Delhi. He boasted that he handles all the printing for the BJP party in UP and MP. has learnt that Rao is also a dealer in Indian porn images and the ringmaster of an international racket that procures Indian porn images by cheating models and actresses who are ready to do anything to get a role.

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Aneesha was fored to take action after the director tried to avoid and ignore her and did not come up with any satisfactory explanation for the alleged leak of her uncensored, unedited nude and bikini images which were shot for a look test for an international web series.

Rao used the same modus operandi with the other two models to get them to send him bikini or nude images. It is learnt that Rao has cheated over 20 models from Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad and Chennai and runs a porn site where he uploads images clandestinely obtained from unsuspecting, struggling models.

She has also served a defamation notice to the director claiming damages to the tune of Rs 80 lakh for outraging her modesty and circulating images without her express permission.

Aneesha-Singh- Sharma-nude-pics-leaked-on-indiascoops-dot-com (4)The written police complaint also mentions cheating and breach of trust and has been sent by post to the Commissioner of Police Chennai and the Cyber Crime Cell of the Chennai Police. No FIR has been registered till date, we have learnt.

According to Aneesha Singh Sharma, the images which have now gone viral on the internet were shot by a mobile phone camera by director and producer Rameshnath Venkat Rao during a look test.

It now seems that Rao is neither a director or a producer but a con man who traps women only to push them into the flesh trade.

Rao told me that the images were required by a Hollywood director whom I met only once through him for a web series on Netflix. This however turned out to be a lie.  The images he shot were totally private and I told him very clearly that the images must be immediately deleted after they were shown to the Hollywood director. I am totally shocked and surprised that they have suddenly come out into the public domain, Aneesha said.

Aneesha-Singh- Sharma-nude-pics-leaked-on-indiascoops-dot-com (5)Director Rameshnath Venkat Rao was not available for the comment and his phone was switched off when tried to contact him.

Meanwhile, the Hollywood director concerned Jazon Fernandez has denied all knowledge of the images. Rao didn’t even show me the images. I have absolutely no idea what you are talking about. I had not demanded the nude images and Rao simply acted on his own. We do not ask for nude images to be sent via email or WhatsApp,” Fernandez told this reporter adding that he is not at all connected with Rao in any way.

In fact, Hollywood director Jazon Fernandez whose name has got dragged into this matter, clarified that they never ask for nude pics. “He is misusing my name and the names of other big brands. I do not work for Netflix, but have my own production in LA. We do not take any auditions via Skype or ask for nude pics or such bold videos. Candidates and artistes are short-listed based on normal images only. If they are short-listed, we fly down to the concerned place and do a proper, professional audition. Some Indian directors are misrepresenting us and demanding nude pics from female models. We are not at all connected to such fake directors,” Fernandez told via email.

Aneesha-Singh- Sharma-nude-pics-leaked-on-indiascoops-dot-com (6)Last week, Aneesha confirmed the news, adding that she will soon take legal action against the director as well as his production house.

Aneesha-Singh- Sharma-nude-pics-leaked-on-indiascoops-dot-com (8)“Yes, it’s true. My nude pictures have been leaked by a person who claimed to be a Hollywood director and was working on a web series for Netflix. However, I have come to know that this is all false,” she told this reporter, adding that she spoke to Rao as well as Fernandez who have both denied any knowledge of the incident.

“Initially, when I called up Rao on his mobile phone, it rang. He answered the phone and when I questioned him about the photos, he pretended he did not know anything about it. He told me he was out of the country and he would come back and look into the matter but denied leaking any private images,” Aneesha told

Aneesha-Singh- Sharma-nude-pics-leaked-on-indiascoops-dot-com (2)The police are trying to trace nab Rao who had visited Chennai on the sly during the last week of June, But even before the police could nab him, he managed to give the pursuing cops the slip and vanished into thin air.

He keeps changing his hotels – he stays in motels and lodges and has several ID cards, a police source told, adding that Rao was part of an international racket which is very well established. These people sell the images which they obtain free of cost to several big porn sites for a decent amount.

Rao has a big network of pimps and sidey co-ordinators in Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad,  Jaipur, Chennai, Ahmedabad and even Kolkatta and some of them are also involved into the flesh trade. Aneesha claims that Rao or whatever his real name is supplies ‘girls’ to politicians and businessmen.

He approaches struggling models, offering them big projects and convinces them to send nude or bikini images. The bikini images are uploaded on escort or dating sites, while the porn images are sold to international porn sites at a premium.

After he has won the confidence of the girls, he asks them to “compromise”, promising them a big amount as a signing fee. While a few girls succumb to the temptation and give in, others back off at this stage.

Aneesha-Singh- Sharma-nude-pics-leaked-on-indiascoops-dot-com (3)The girls who give in to the “compromise” proposal are made to bed several men, sometimes as many at 7-8 persons, by falsely claiming that they are associated with the movie project and are the decision makers when it comes to casting.

The fact is the men do not know the reality and are in reality customers who are paying for the sexual services of the girls.

Rao and his gang charge for the sexual services and make a huge profit. The girls are paid a piddly amount later on as a signing fee to keep them from complaining.

Most girls get hooked to this “escort business” as it’s easy money.

Even those who do not, disappear into the backwaters of the film and modeling industry, said a police official.

So far 4-5 girls have come forward and filed complaints against Rao alias Pawan Thakur.

Aneesha Singh Sharma has vowed not to give up and fight till Rao is arrested and put behind bars. Producer Maneesh Singh who is supporting Aneesha Singh Sharma has also written to the Chennai police requesting them to take strict action against Rao.  It seems Rao has a big clientele among politicians and businessmen who are protecting him. He travels in and out of Chennai and Hyderabad and the police are not able to nab him, Singh told

Editor’s Note: This is a developing story and will be updated as inputs come in

Disclaimer: does not assume any responsibility or vouch for the authenticity of the images published on its sites. The images have been sourced from social media and other websites and we have only republished images which were already in public domain, after informing the victim. The victim’s identity and real name have been kept private and protected by and her face has been blacked out.


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