Parrikar ordered BJP goons to attack Congress office, target Girish Chodankar, claim top BJP sources in Goa


According to top sources and senior BJP leaders within the Goa unit, it was CM Manohar Parrikar himself who masterminded, planned and ordered the BJP thugs and goons to attack the Congress office at Panaji last Friday, in revenge for the vitriolic and unending Congress’ attack on him.

The main target was Goa Pradesh Congress Committee President Girish Chodankar and the BJP ruffians were ordered to blacken Chodankar’s face with boot polish and place a garland of chappals on him.  Apparently, Parrikar was very upset with the unending tirade of the Congress leaders against him, led by Chodankar, whom Parrikar felt was instigating all other Congress leaders to publicly speak out against the lack of governance in the State.

Mahila Congress Workers in Goa, Molested, Assaulted by BJP Goons: Watch Video 1 Here

The icing on the cake was the visit of former Union Minister Jaipal Reddy and the concluding session of the Jan Aakrosh rally at Margao, where several Congress leaders launched a no-holes-barred attack on Parrikar. It was Reddy who compared Parrikar to a leach when he said, Parrikar is sticking to the CM’s chair like a leach, which infuriated Parrikar and his close circle of advisers and chamchas who decided to teach the Congress party a lesson. An opportunity offered itself when the BJP was participating in a nationwide program to protest against what it called “lies” of the Congress party on the Rafale scam.

Watch Video 2 Here: BJP Thugs Attack Goa Congress Office, Molest Mahila Congress Workers

Accordingly, BJP leaders Vinay Tendulkar and Satish Dhond were taken into confidence and briefed about the plan. Parrikar made sure his confidantes Atmaram Barve   who is the OSD and PS to the Speaker and Parrikar’s own PRO were present in the mob to monitor the situation. Ministers Vishwajit Rane and Mauvin Godinho were also asked to be present.

The plan was to visit the Congress office to explain their stand on the Rafale issue. However, the BJP got a ready excuse when the Congress put up a banner outside the office welcoming the BJP workers to explain their “lies”, which got widely reported in the media and on WhatsApp groups in a matter of minutes, after it was put up as the official Goa Congress handles also tweeted about the same.

Goa Mahila Congress Workers Molested by BJP Goons at Panaji: Watch Video 3 Here

The BJP could not have expected a better opportunity and rounded up more karyakartas and charged at the Congress office opposite the Panaji ferry boat jetty, next  to Hotel Mandovi. Parrikar’s coterie decided to make the most of the opportunity and attack the Congress office in the process, using the ruse that Congress workers instigated them.

The BJP workers were given clear instructions to cause maximum damage to the Congress office as well as blacken the GPCC President’s face with ink or boot polish. However a contingent of police men prevented them from getting inside the office initially. The absence of Chodankar further infuriated the BJP workers as their plans were foiled. Within no time an additional posse of policemen arrived and the BJP workers plans to enter the office were foiled. They then vented their ire on the Congress workers present at the venue, including Mahila Congress President Pratima Coutinho, North District head Vijay Bhike, Panjim Block president Prasad Amonkar, Youth Congress president Varad Mardolkar and others.

Goa Mahila Congress Workers Hair Pulled, Clothes Tugged At: Watch Video 4 Here

Pratima Coutinho has alleged in her FIR to the Panaji Police that she was physically groped and touched inappropriately by several male members of the BJP goons who attacked them outside the Congress office.

She also alleged in her complaint that a group of male BJP thugs fondled and pressed her private parts in the melee and confusion that followed and outraged her modesty and molested her. She has claimed that she was pushed down to the ground by the mob consisting mostly of male members of the BJP party, who first forcibly pushed her down on the road and then fondled and groped her including inappropriately touching her private parts.  She has demanded that the police immediately arrest those male members of the mob who manhandled her, molested her and outraged her modesty. Read More Here…

The BJP unit under the leadership of Satish Dhond have now planned to forcefully and violently deal with Congress workers in Shiroda and Mandrem and in other constituencies and attack them immediately if confronted.

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