Physics Graduate and Facebook Page Admin arrested for posting obscene memes against PM Modi

A Facebook page admin has been arrested in Kolkata as he allegedly created derogatory cartoons and memes about freedom fighters and political leaders including Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Kolkata Police said the admin of a Facebook page called ‘Specified Tarkata’ has been making defamatory and abusive posts about several famous Indian personalities including Swami Vivekananda and Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose.

Kolkata Police, through their official Facebook page, revealed the identity of the admin — Manimay Aich – who hails from Midnapur district in West Bengal. He is a third year Physics Hons student in a South Kolkata college.

An official told The Indian Express, “He would create obscene memes of such great personalities like Netaji, Tagore, Swamiji and so on. There is a subtle difference between humour and audacity. This page has crossed its entire limit.”

The page was created nearly two years ago. Initially, the page would create funny cartoons using pictures of actors and actresses. But slowly it turned into a nasty business as it started sharing obscene content, the police said.

Several complaints have been lodged against the Facebook page. But it was nearly impossible to trace the tech-savvy guy.

Another senior Kolkata police official said, “Several efforts were made to identify the person behind the page but it was difficult since he would keep his identity a secret.”

“Finally officials of Kolkata police cyber department successfully traced the boy and he was arrested. He was staying in PG near Garia station. He is a third year student of Physics in a college in Kolkata. His mobile phone and pen drive has been seized,” revealed a senior Kolkata police official.

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