PICS: Huge Cover Up by Fire Brigade, BMC Officials, Other Authorities in Kamala Mills Fire that killed 14

BY FLYNN REMEDIOS:  According to reliable sources, the cause of the blaze that killed 14 and wounded over 20 others was not due to a short circuit as is being made out by the Fire Brigade and other authorities.  A fire show was organised by one of the joints, which was also running an illegal hookah palour. Sparks from the fire show, combined with hot, burning coal in the hookah pots caused the curtains to catch fire.


The fire spread in minutes due to the flammable material used in all the establishments in direct contravention of Fire Safety laws and norms.

Every establishment was technically illegal and liable to be demolished immediately. There were glaring irregularities, but all the authorities turned a blind eye, because of haftas running into lakhs that were paid each month. The BMC and local police get at least 40 to 50 lakh in haftas and bribes from the businesses in the Kamala Mills compound alone claim knowledgeable sources. 
Our source says, the short circuit angle is white lies spread by the corrupt Fire Department. The fire broke out because of the flames that spurred and went up in the air from a Hookah joint causing the curtain of the restaurant to catch fire.

It seems a retired IPS officer’s son owned the pub that was gutted in fire last night

There is another angle to the entire incident. Sources say that owners of restaurants and entertainment hubs in the neighborhood were jealous of the success of Kamala Mills and the businesses in the compound. The fire could be an act of sabotage to highlight the irregularities in the Kamala Mills compound.  The owners and management of a mall in the neighborhood that is not as successful as the businesses in the Kamala Mills compound could be behind the act of sabotage allege sources. Establishments and managements of Todi Mills, Phoenix Mills, etc were also gunning for Kamala Mills which was the kingpin in flouting rules and safety norms.
According to the Times of India, The ‘1 Above’ pub, where 14 people died, did not follow fire safety norms and violated regulations on encroachment with obstructions blocking its emergency exit, police and civic officials said in Mumbai.
More than 50 people are hospitalized, out of whom 12 were being treated for injuries that were not life-threatening. At least 5 people are reported to be in a critical condition.

*The fire broke out on the rooftop of the 1 Above restaurant , after its shed, made of bamboo and plastic, began to burn. It soon spread to the Mojo pub one level below, and had engulfed the building in less than 30 minutes.  Many guests, who tried to take shelter in the bathroom got trapped and lost their lives, reports Times of India. However, an eye witness who was present at the venue claims the fire broke out in one of the illegal hookah palours and then spread to 1 Above.

The Kamala Mills Compound houses offices and studios of all of leading media houses including the  Times of India Group, Times Now, ET Now, Mirror Now, Zoom & TV9.  At least 3 major media houses were affected by the fire as power was cut off to the entire complex. Studios and offices were not able to resume complete operations even till today afternoon, as cooling down operations were ongoing by the Fire Brigade.

Some of the businesses in the compound have blamed the owners of the mill, Kanti Gowani and Ramesh Gowani  and Bala Kopade for illegally renting premises for so-called illegal activities. Even Phoenix Mills has several illegal and irregular complexes and is another disaster waiting to happen.

All the authorities concerned including the Mumbai Police, the BMC, the Fire Brigade and the different departments of the Government of Maharashtra have turned a blind eye to the irregularities and illegal construction  in both Kamala Mills and Phoenix Mills in spite of several complaints by local and social workers. The media houses located in the same compound were also silent on the grave breach of safety norms in their own neighborhood.

Our source says MLC Prasad Lad’s security agency Krystal is working at the premises and is employed by more than one establishment. Lad must be questioned and a judicial enquiry set up regarding the breach of fire safety norms and the illegal modifications  carried out by the owners of the commercial establishments.


Another source adds that the fire broke out first at Mojo’s Bristo and 1 Above, but the the third restopub London Taxi  which is on the rooftop is being made out to be a victim.

Mojo’s Bristo is owned and managed by retired IPS officer Kaushal Pathak’s son Yog. Pathak was posted as Pune Police Commissioner before his retirement. There was a fire show on the bar table at one of the joints – Mojo’s Bristo or 1 Above. Both these joints are not licensed to serve hookah but still serve hookah in complete breach of the law. Another angle is that the curtains caught fire due to sparks released by the coal used in hookah.  Clips of the fire show was also telecast by Tv 9 in a news bulletin.

Our source claims that an NGO had brought the illegalities in the area to the several news organisations present in the compound but the same was not aired because ‘they were neighbours’. The authorities went out of their way to give permissions to Pathak’s son and we are told that the local Ward Officer even paid money from his own pocket to complete the formalities.

This is a developing story. More details will be updated soon…
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