Priyank Sharma cheats again, mentions outside news in Bigg Boss house

Priyank Sharma has cheated again and broken the rules of the house. But are Endemol and Colors listening?

According to the rules of the show, when Priyank Sharma was brought in the house again after being thrown out by Salman Khan for beating Akash Dadlani, he was strictly warned not to reveal or disclose any details from the outside world, which he may have become privy to.
However, Priyank Sharma again broke the rule for the second time.
The first time he broke the rule, Arshi Khan’s publicist Flynn Remedios had filed an FIR against him. This is the second time he again has broken the rule, but it has gone un-noticed.
Priyank Sharma told Ben and others in the house that Arshi Khan is married to a 50-year-old man.
The same was repeated by them, which caused a flare-up in the house. It can been seen in a Video uploaded on Voot where Arshi Khan strongly denies these rumours and says her parents are still living and that they would not get her married to a 50-year-old man.
Arshi Khan also said that her father is 46 years old, so how would her family marry her to a 50-year-old man.
This was based on some unverified news reports on what  model and actress Gehana Vasisht said about Arshi Khan.
Without verifying the facts, Priyank Sharma has blurted this unverified pieces of gossip inside the Bigg Boss house and blatantly broken the rules that were laid down for his re-entry.
SHAME on Priyank Sharma.

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