Priyank Sharma jumped bail in Delhi case, wanted by cops?

After accusing Priyank Sharma of being a “dog” and an “ass-licker” who can do anything to get work, and after alleging that Priyank Sharma was bisexual and was also having an affair with Vikas Gupta to favor his own career interests, Gehana Vasisth today said:

Priyank Sharma toh NAMARD hein

She also revealed that Priyank Sharma is wanted by the cops in Delhi after he jumped bail in a molestation case, years ago.

This outburst came after we asked Gehana Vasisth for her views on the Big Fight in the Bigg Boss house in today’s episode where the housemates are supposed to enact a court divorce scene but the house turns into hell after the contestants go over board in the accusations.

In today’s episode, the Bigg Boss house has been converted into a courtroom, and the task is called BB Court where Hina Khan and Vikas Gupta will be seen enacting lawyers. Sapna Choudhary and Bandagi Kalra will be seen presiding as the judges.

The case that is being fought is that of the divorce between Hiten Tejwani and Arshi Khan. During the course of the case, Hina accuses Arshi of flirting with others and says that it bothers her brother Hiten a lot, hence he seeks a divorce.

As a witness, Hina calls Priyank in the witness box and asks him to narrate what happened in the gym in detail. On this, Priyank reveals that Arshi does her exercises in the gym in a very provocative manner and ends up commenting on the time when she tore her clothes. Priyank and Hina’s accusations leave Arshi infuriated and she lashes out at them. Arshi says that she’ll tear her clothes because they belong to her and nobody’s father bought them for her. A huge fight follows during which Arshi even threatens Priyank of throwing her shoes at him and kicking him if he comes anywhere near her.

In the past Gehana Vasisth also claimed that Priyank Sharma has a molestation case against him in Delhi and is wanted by the cops.

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