Puru and Chanakya to finally come face-to-face in Sony TV’s Porus

Puru and Chanakya to finally come face-to-face in Sony TV’s Porus

The previous episode of Sony TV’s Porus showed a shocking twist that left the audience wanting for more. The episode shows Puru breaking the chains of Anusuya and Bamni (father of Puru).

While Shivdutt commands his soldiers to kill all three of them as they are a threat, we see Laachi asking Puru to punish Kanishk and Shivdutt as she fights the soldiers.

TellyChakkar is once again back to keep its audience posted about the forthcoming track of Porus. The upcoming episode will show Shivdutt pointing a knife at Anususya’s neck. He warns Bhami to not stop him or else the result wouldn’t be something he would like. Bhami fails to listen and gets stabbed. Shocking, isn’t it?

In another shocking turn, Puru will be meeting Chanakya (Chetan Pandit). It is Chanakya who will save Puru’s father, King Bhami.

In a tete-a-tete with TellyChakkar, Chetan threw some more light on his character as never in history we have heard the story that revolved around Chanakya and Porus. “Our researchers did an in depth research and found about the connection between the two,” confirmed Chetan Pandit.

Talking about his role, he said, “As Porus also follows the same ideology like that of Chanakya, they will be seen sharing a great chemistry on the show. Porus follows the ideology of Akhand Bharat as that of Chankaya and now he will be seen guiding Puru aka Porus to attain that.”

In the coming episodes, Puru will collect all the possible herbal medicine to save his father King Bhami who was stabbed by Shivdutt. Sadly, all his attempts will go down the drain. His father’s health will start deteriorating. That is when someone will inform Puru that it is only Chanakya who can save his father.

And that is how Puru will finally come face to face with Chanakya.

Now that sounds quiet exciting. We wonder how the plot will shape out further.

Source: TellyChakkar.com

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