Salman Khan must get his Priorities Right, Hosting a Show with Thugs & Liars is not the Perfect Choice

With each passing day, we get more dope on  Bigg Boss 11, and get to know about different controversies related to the contestants in the mad house.

Since the last two weeks, south Indian actor Gehana Vasisth made some shocking revelations about Bigg Boss 11 housemates – Bandagi Kalra, Puneesh Sharma, Arshi Khan, Vikas Gupta, Priyank Sharma and Shilpa Shinde.
We asked Gehana what she thinks about Salman Khan hosting the show for years. She replied,”I think Salman Khan must do a rethink about his priorities. Hosting a show with cheaters, thugs and liars isn’t good for his superstar image.”
Talking about the concept of the show, Gehana said, “I don’t understand one thing that the whole thing Bigg Boss created a hullabaloo that send CD’s of your auditions and they have two sections – celebrities and commoners. At the end what has happened. From which angle are people like Vikas Gupta and Arshi Khan are celebrities.”
She went on to add, “Let’s talk about Arshi – how is she a celebrity. From the last three years she has created a havoc on YouTube with her videos and has always lied. Even after knowing that these contestants are lying, Bigg Boss has called them in the show. Bigg Boss kya sirf ulu banane ka dhandha ho gaya hai (Bigg Boss has only become a platform to fool people).”
Coming to the host of the show – Salman Khan – Gehana said, “Salman Khan is a big name in the industry, but I don’t understand why is he hosting such a show where people are lying about their age and lot of other things. I would want to ask him what are you trying to tell people that if they have to meet you – unko gand machana padega. Sir, thoda sa maintain karo, yeh show acha nahi hai,” are her words of advice for Salman Khan. We wonder if Sallu bhai is listening.

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