Seedhi-Sadhi Dhinchak Pooja aka Pooja Jain has been used and victimised by Bigg Boss, asserts Gehana Vasisth

Gehana Vasisth who has been ‘taking class’ of all the Bigg Boss contestants today dropped another stunner. She said, “Sadhi-Seedhi (plain and simple) Dhinchak Pooja aka Pooja Jain – who made an entry in the Bigg Boss house as a wild card entry has been victimized by Bigg Boss. They thought her fan following would translate into viewership and TRPs, but viewers on You Tube over time are very different from live TV viewers.

Dhinchak Poooja’s dream to be in the ‘Bigg Boss’ house was short-lived as the cringe pop artist was evicted from ‘Bigg Boss 11’ on Sunday.

Gehana Vasisth took up cudgels for Dhinchak Pooja saying that initially Bigg Boss was not willing to pay her the weekly money she asked for, but they finally relented. When they realised that Pooja was not giving the bang for the buck, they chucked her out. I cannot believe that Dhinchak Pooja got lesser votes than Sabyasachi Satpathy. And in fact, Sabyasachi Satpathy is also not doing anything inside the house, but Bigg Boss is not at all worried as they hardly pay Sabyasachi Satpathy anything. With Dhinchak Pooja it was different. She was being paid more than even Arshi Khan and Shilpa Shinde, but could not translate that moolah into TRPs and viewers, Gehana explained. She also added that the creative team prods the contestants to fight and argue, but Dhinchak Pooja was not up to the task. She could not fake it and hence was thrown out, Gehana revealed.

Dhinchak Pooja was getting paid about a lakh per day and she was paid almost 8 lakh per week. Sabyasachi Satpathy gets only 25,000 per week (for doing nothing). Dhinchak Pooja was happy that she got the money (for two weeks) and was also able to shoot a music video inside the house, besides getting associated with the Bigg Boss brand image.  Although, she would have loved to stay longer, she was not ready to fight and squabble and pee on national Tv. I think it was a mutual decision to relieve her from the show. She got the mileage and brand association as well a video inside the Bigg Boss house and Bigg Boss got a chance to experiment with cringe pop – Dhinchak Pooja isstyle

According to a Times of India report, Pooja, who belongs to Delhi, assured the audience, specially her ‘fans’, some great fun before she made an entry to the show, but now that she is out of the house, she says she couldn’t do much as she took a lot of time in observing people and understanding how things work.

“More than me, people are shocked that my stay in the ‘Bigg Boss’ house was not even for a month. Mujhe wahan fun nahin lag raha tha. It was not what I thought about it before entering the show. I thought I would be able to enjoy and be myself, but somehow the vibes of that place is such that you tend to get lost. In a few days that I was there, I could only observe people. Mai kuch din aur rehti to shayad apne real swag mein aa pati, par theek hi hai mai bahar aa gayi,” said Pooja, who is now waiting to be back home in Delhi and get back to work.

“I don’t think right now I am even in the frame of mind to make music, I need to relax and restore my peace of mind to get back to making music. I did make a song on ‘Bigg Boss’ during one of the tasks in the show. Right now, I don’t even remember the lyrics of that song, I am so lost,” she added.

It was being speculated that out of nine contestants nominated for eviction, it will be either v or Pooja who will make an exit from the house. Pooja said that she wasn’t surprised at all on her nomination.

“There are some people like Hiten who are playing a very good game and are strong contestants. I only had a bit of problem with Hina Khan. She was the captain when I entered the house and I got less chance to speak to her, said Pooja speaking to TOI.

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