Soni Singh stalked and harassed by a “fake” fan


A lot of actors have been in the news for being trolled and shamed. While at times actors choose to ignore trollers, some tend to shut them with their witty remarks.

But at times, it gets grave. One such incident would be of Daisy Shah being trolled for her dailouge in the upcoming film Race 3 and Salman smartly shunning them.

Not only Bollywood, there are plenty of television actors who have been ruthlessly targeted by netizens and now, looks like television actress Soni Singh is the new victim of it.

Currently known for her acting chops in Naamkarann (Star Plus), Soni is not only being harassed but also stalked and blackmailed by a so called fan.

Apparently, a person identifying himself as Martin Steve messaged Soni on Facebook on the pretext of being a true fan. Soni was reciprocal to his remark as she has always been approachable and kind to all her fans.

However, things got eerie when he started passing sexual remarks. As per sources, Soni immediately blocked him but he took to all her social media platforms and used a fake identification to abuse her.

In fact, he also accused Soni of being a racist and went on to call Indians as beggars.

A troubled Soni, apparently, plans to take stringent action against the person who identifies himself as Martin Steve.


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