Subhash Shirodkar land deal: Parrikar-led Goa BJP Govt signed deal with unregistered company?


Jaideep Shirodkar, who was recently elected to represent Shiroda in the South Goa Zilla Panchayat, has alleged that Subhash Shirodkar’s company, Vedanta Real Estate, doesn’t have any address in Goa and nor does it seem to have any real estate projects.

Subhash Shirodkar a former Goa Congress leader recently jumped ship and defected to the BJP,  where he was appointed chairman of the EDC.

“The company doesn’t have any address, any projects. It just owns the land that is now going to be acquired. The land in question is barren, and has a few other individual stakeholders too besides the company,” Jaideep Shirodkar told The Print.

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Vedanta Real Estate cannot be found on the database of the Registrar of Companies either.

A senior Goa politician and a former minister familiar with the Shiroda area alleged that Vedanta Real Estate was formed only for the purpose of purchasing the land.

“In 2014, I had approached Subhash Shirodkar to buy the land in my personal capacity. At that time, he quoted a price of Rs 9 crore. But the deal did not go through as I was told the government is looking at it.”

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