Ten criminal cases pending against Arshi Khan, claims Gehana Vasisth

Bigg Boss Season 11 host Salman Khan pointed out how Zubair Khan and Akash Dadlani were caught faking their connections and backgrounds.

Zubair Khan claimed that he was related to wanted terrorist Dawood through Haseena Parker, but that claim was proved false. Recently, Salman Khan pulled up Akash Dadlani who had falsely claimed that he was related to musician Vishal Dadlani. It was revealed that Akash has never met Vishal in his life and was only very distantly related to Vishal.

Now, it seems it is controversy queen Arshi Khan‘s turn to be pulled up.

According to south actress Gehana Vasisth, who also hails from the same place as Arshi, the Bigg Boss contestant has faked everything from her age to her educational qualifications.

Gehana has alleged that Arshi Khan is over 33 years old and is not even a graduate.

In an interview to Asia Tv, Gehana has also stated that Arshi Khan has over 10 criminal cases pending against her including two in Pakistan, 4 cases in Maharashtra and another 4 in the rest of the country. About 4 of these cases are related to insulting the Indian and Pakistani flags by painting the flags on her nude body.

Recently, a court in Panipat based on a complaint filed by a lawyer has taken cognizance of the complaint and will deliver its verdict on 5 November against Arshi Khan, claims Gehana.

Gehana has also allegedly claimed that though Arshi Khan says she is connected to Pakistani cricketer Shahid Afridi, she has not even met him once in her life or for that matter even spoken to Afridi even once on the phone.

“Forget about having sex with Afridi, Arshi Khan has never met him face to face or even spoken to him on the phone even once in her life time,” Gehana Vasisth told the website, adding that when the news broke out two years ago, Shahid Afridi immediately blocked her on Twitter.

“Merely because Afridi is a gentleman and won’t stoop to Arshi Khan’s levels, she has taken complete advantage of the situation. Even the Indian media has gone gaga over the issue, without verifying anything,” Gehana said.

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