What is Arshi Khan’s dirty hotel MMS, or Arshi Khan sex MMS Gehana Vasisth is talking about?

South Indian actress Gehana Vasisth had earlier made really dirty allegations against Arshi stating that she has a lot many vulgar and dirty cases pending.

And hold on, it is not just Arshi, Gehana Vasisth has kept the social media abuzz with her allegations against various Bigg Boss contestants and inside scoop from the Bigg Boss house over the past few days.

Her shocking revelations on Bigg Boss inmates has earned her an express ticket to fame. She grabbed eyeballs after she claimed that Arshi is faking about her age and her marital status in the house.


The actress also said that Arshi had ten criminal cases pending against her. Now, we learn that Arshi Khan’s publicist has sued Gehana Vasisth for Rs 1 crore. On hearing this news Gehana Vasisth said she in in possession of Arshi Khan’s sex MMS in a hotel room with a client and she will publicly release that MMS to the media.

Now what is this “dirty hotel mms” or “sex mms” that Gehana Vasisth is talking about?

According to sources, this video that Gehana Vasisth is referring to was released by Arshi Khan herself, but was later withdrawn and deleted. Possibly this is the same video she is referring to. More about this video can be found here.

Click here to know more about Arshi Khan’s sex mms video which dates back to 2015.

We are not sure which video is Gehana Vasisth referring to,, but we are quite sure this is it!

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