When Arshi Khan went out of her way to support Under 16 footballers in Mumbai

When Gauhar Khan on a Twitter post supported Arshi Khan with the words See the heart!!!! It’s real!!! #arshi rocks ..’. we cannot fail to remember an old event dating to 30th August 2015, where Bigg Boss Season 11 contestant 11 Arshi Khan went out of her way to promote and help under 16 footballers in Mumbai. She has a heart of gold, says her publicist Flynn Remedios, recounting the incident.
The young football team was facing a cash crunch as they did not have the funds to buy jerseys and other equipment. This is when Arshi Khan and her manager Flynn Remedios stepped in and went out of their way to support the youngsters. Not just that, Arshi Khan attended their football practice sessions to encourage the team and make sure that all the youth practice in real ernest. Watch the video here. The original news post dating to 30th August 2015 can been viewed here. Arshi Khan was not doing too well at that time, says her manager and publicist Flynn Remedios, but still she contributed Rs 25,000/-  to support the youngsters.
The NSFI (National Sports Forum of India) in association with the MUSC (Mumbai United Sports Club) had announced two, two-day cricket tournaments in Mumbai. The NSFI invited actors, celebrities and fashionistas to support and encourage the young, budding cricketers, but it was only Arshi Khan who stepped in and helped, while the rest of Bollywood chose to ignore or turn a blind eye to the struggling young sportsmen.
Speaking about Arshi Khan as a private person, Flynn says, “On the personal front, privately, Arshi Khan is a very soft person. She may come across as abusive, controversial and even violent. But Arshi has a heart of gold. She is a very good cook and can make fantastic biryani and chicken dishes. She has always stood by her friends and is very soft inside. What the Indian TV viewers are seeing of Arshi Khan on Bigg Boss is a facade, an act or a role which she is playing as part of the show requirements which are a part of showbiz. Arshi is a private person who loves to spend time with close friends. She shuns noisy filmy parties and loves to cook for her friends. She is also a family person and loves her family and nieces and nephews who are in Bhopal, reveals Flynn Remedios, adding that he really wishes that Arshi Khan wins Bigg Boss.

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