Who is Arshi Khan’s lesbian girlfriend? Is Arshi Khan lesbian or transgender? Flynn Remedios clears the air


Since Sambhavna Seth jokingly claimed in an interview to a You Tube channel that Arshi Khan looked and talked like a “transgender” and Sabyasachi Satpathy jovially made a similar comment on the Bigg Boss show, questions have been asked all over:

Is Arshi Khan a biological female or is she a transgender? Is Arshi Khan straight or lesbian?

Arshi Khan’s good friend, manager and publicist Flynn Remedios who has been with her for the last 3 years clears the air on this issue. Arshi Khan is definitely not a transgender. She is a natural biological female and though some people may have called her names either in a derogatory and defamatory way or may be jokingly, she is a naturally born biological female.  We have to take Flynn Remedios’s word for this as he knows Arshi Khan in and out.

The next question is: Is Arshi Khan lesbian?

Definitely not! replies Remedios, adding that Arshi Khan is straight like any other normal girl. Just because a funny video made its rounds on the internet where Arshi Khan is seen flirting with her so-called lesbian girlfriend, does not make Arshi Khan lesbian. I have many more such funny videos of Arshi Khan joking and fooling around with friends. That does not change her sexual inclination in any way.

To set the matter straight once and for all, Arshi Khan is neither a transgender, nor is she lesbian, says Flynn Remedios.

Now for those who are wondering what the Arshi Khan lesbian girlfriend video is all about, here it is..

(Please note that this video below is a funny video, made only for entertainment and fun. It is also (c) IndiaScribes.com. Copying of this video and re-uploading is strictly prohibited)




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