About Us

IndiaScoops.com was founded on 1st May 2018 (Labour Day and Maharashtra Day) and went live a few days later. It was founded by a senior journalist Flynn Remedios who has been associated with the print and television media in India for the last 26 years.

Our Founding Editor has worked with publications like the Times of India, Indian Express, Mid-day, Asian Age, The Sunday Observer, The Observer of Business and Politics, Economic Times, Financial Express, Business Standard and Business India. However, our founder Flynn Remedios who also runs a social media training and digital marketing/digital PR business, is not associated with the day-to-day editorial aspects or selection of content and other management responsibilities of IndiaScoops.com and its associated sub-domains. He contributes regularly to the portal and sub-sites on an individual basis.

IndiaScoops.com does not run or publish advertisements or any “paid content” and is solely funded by our Founder and a few other individuals and philanthropists.

IndiaScoops.com is managed and run by a team of dedicated, passionate journalists who are not affiliated to any political party or NGO.  We have no hidden agendas, except to expose the truth. We welcome your suggestions and input, but regret that we may not be able to reply to all the emails we receive.

The day-to-day editorial affairs of IndiaScoops.com are managed by the core team mentioned below, headed by Megha Chaudhary who holds an M Sc degree and is also a lecturer at a prominent college. She is responsible for the selection of content on IndiaScoops.com  (unless stated otherwise on individual posts) under the PRB Act.

In addition to this core team, we rely on several freelance contributors and a network of retainers across India. While we have representatives in 18 cities of India, we welcome freelance contributions and journalistic inputs from our viewers.

All posts and articles are contributed, written and checked by a team of journalists, but are uploaded and published from a single ID / account only. Some posts / articles may mention the name of the individual journalist, but we follow a policy of not using bylines, unless the article or post is contributed to by a columnist or is “exclusive”.