Are Goan MLAs even aware of the Mining Proposal?

The so-called all party delegation on mining is ludicrous. All the MLAs are being fooled by mining barons and the MLAs in turn are cheating the people of Goa, who are the real owners of natural mineral resources.
Despite being MLA, I do not know the details of the proposal being carried to Delhi. I also do not know who initiated the proposal, who analyzed it and who approved it, says Curtorim MLA Aleixo Reginaldo Lourenco, who wants to know what is in it.
Should not every MLA go with the proposal to his voters first, inform them the pros and cons and get their approval before running to Delhi? Has any MLA done this, he asks?
The government, ministers and MLAs must understand that they are mere chowkidars of natural mineral resources and the people of Goa are the real owners as per our Constitution.
The mining dependents are in a problem because CM Manohar Parrikar made the blunder of bowing to the mining lobby’s pressure to renew the leases. The Supreme Court cancelled all renewals because Parrikar’s act was illegal. Parrikar in the bargain squandered away four precious years and plunged the mining dependents into deep financial distress. The entire State of Goa must ask Parrikar, why he took an illegal decision when the Advocate General had advised an auction, wonders Lourenco.
The Additional Solicitor General, Atmaram Nadkarni has again insisted on an auction of leases. Why are a few MLAs hell bent on repeating another blunder? Do not take voters for granted, the people of Goa need answers, screams Lourenco.

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