Arshi Khan even tried to tarnish Mahesh Bhatt Productions’ Aashiqui hero and Bigg Boss 1 winner Rahul Roy’s image, claims Gehana Vasisth

At the rate that Gehana Vasisth is dropping ‘bombs’ on Bigg Boss Season 11 contestants, it looks like the south actress is celebrating Bigg Boss Diwali. About two hours after she claimed that Arshi Khan tried very hard to get linked with Pakistani cricketer Mohammad Amir, she claimed that Arshi Khan has wrongly tried to tarnish the image of Mahesh Bhatt Productions’ Aashiqui hero Rahul Roy’s image, by falsely claiming that the Aashiqui hero asked her to strip and send him nude photos. Here is the release on Rahul Roy  in February 2014 sent by Arshi Khan, reveals Gehana Vasisth.


Earlier in the day today Gehana claimed that Arshi Khan had traveled to Dubai to meet Pakistani cricketer Mohammad Amir and click selfies with him, with the sole intention of misusing these selfies later on. Gehana said Arshi waited for him for over 6 hours in the lobby of the hotel where Amir was staying, but Amir refused to meet her and even refused to acknowledge her while walking out of the hotel.

Arshi Khan tried to approach Mohammad Amir on the pretext of getting an autograph and selfie (which she could misuse later on)  with the controversial cricketer, but the Amir just walked away without even looking at Arshi Khan, revealed Gehana Vasisth today.

Later on Arshi Khan and her PR Flynn Remedios tried to circulate the news that Arshi Khan was dating Mohammad Amir. Here is the PR handout that Arshi Khan’s PR team circulated concerning Mohammad Amir and Arshi Khan says Gehana, providing a proof of her claim.

It must be mentioned Arshi Khan’s publicist Flynn Remedios, who has earlier sued Priyank Sharma for bringing up her past in the show,  has reportedly now sued Gehana Vasisth for Rs 1 crore for making scandalous statements against Arshi Khan.


In a statement issued in Mumbai, Flynn Remedios said, “I have been reading statements and articles based on interviews given by Gehana Vasisth concerning the private life of my client Arshi Khan. I had kept quiet till now, because when a show like Bigg Boss is on, everyone jumps into the bandwagaon. I wish to clarify that I used to handle Gehana Vasisth’s PR 3-4 years ago, but I am not handling her media activity now. Her PR is handled by one Suresh Shetty and I have nothing to do with the statements made by Gehana Vasisth. On behalf of Arshi Khan who is currently in the Bigg Boss house, I have issued instructions to our lawyers who are suing Gehana Vasisth for Rs 1 crore for make false, incorrect and highly defamatory statements against Arshi Khan.”

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