Arshi Khan, two more actors cheated, conned by fake, fraud “producer”?

Has Arshi Khan been cheated and conned by a fake producer who promised her a film opposite Prabhas? Arshi Khan’s spokesperson and manager Flynn Remedios in a message to media persons today hinted of the same, but said that complete details will be revealed to the media on Friday.

According to our sources, a person masquerading as a producer claimed that he has signed on Prabhas for a movie – The Return of the Rebel 3 and even gave Arshi Khan a written agreement. Two other well-known actors have been conned by the same producer. One of the actors was given a cheque of Rs 5 lakh, which has bounced. Arshi Khan was promised a credit by RTGS of Rs 15 lakh by the so-called producer who has his office at Goregaon West, but the amount never materialized. Prabhas’ team today clarified to the media, that Prabhas is not doing any such film.

Flynn  Remedios said he was not part of the deal, which was brokered by someone else. I was not part of the negotiations or else I would have caught the fraud in a moment. I have come to know that the cheques issued to other artistes have bounced and that the producer has not made any payment to Arshi Khan so far, in spite of promising her the money within 2-3 days. It’s been 10 days now. We have given the producer a last warning to make good his promise or else we will be filing a police complaint for cheating, fraud and forgery. On the face of it, the agreement which was given to Arshi Khan looks fake. It is just a copy-paste from a standard artiste agreement easily available on the internet. Still, since the said producer was introduced to us by a well-known social worker from Malad Nevada Putman we are waiting for a day. In case it turns out to be fake, we will definitely file a police complaint, Remedios said, but refused to reveal the name of the Producer or the Production House, adding that he has given the Producer a “chance” to clarify before going to town with the matter.

In another development, Bigg Boss contestant Arshi Khan’s management and PR team headed by Flynn Remedios in a press statement released today has strongly condemned the one-sided and technically incorrect story on the Entertainment website Bollywood life filed by journalist Pooja Nayak that claims that Arshi Khan lied when she claimed that she is doing a film with Prabhas.
Pooja Nayak should not shoot from the hip. She should understand that there is always much more than what seems to be the case. Such “jumping the gun” is completely unethical and it’s a shame that a reputed portal like Bollywood Life encourages such yellow journalism, Remedios opined.
In the statement issued in Mumbai today Remedios said, “The reporter Pooja Nayak made no attempt whatsoever to seek any sort of clarification either from Arshi Khan or myself. There is a totally different angle to all this. If the reporter had made the effort to contact either Arshi or me before filing the story, she would have got the complete facts. The cardinal rule of journalism is that the journalist must speak to all parties concerned before filing a story. Pooja Nayak has made absolutely no attempt whatsoever to seek clarification from Arshi Khan and we are filing both civil and criminal defamation cases against the portal and the reporter as well as a police complaint under section 500 IPC,”  Flynn Remedios said. Such one-sided, half-truth, unsubstantiated stories that malign the reputation of one individual, without knowing the facts and background of the matter are a great threat to society and the public at large because it affects several individuals.
The truth of this so-called Prabhas film story will be revealed within two days and everything will be crystal clear by Friday,   Remedios informed, refusing to furnish further details.
However, sources informed us that Remedios has filed a police report against a  fake producer who issued a fraudulent contract and gave fake cheques which have bounced. The bank memo on the bounced cheque states that “the  account does not exist”. So does this mean that Arshi Khan and two other actors have been victims of a fake “producer”.  Remedios said he would speak on this issue only on Friday after certain legal formalities are complete.

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