Arshi Khan’s publicist Flynn Remedios gets You Tube to delete Fake Arshi Khan Sex Video within 6 hours

A prominent entertainment portal that is currently celebrating 30 years of its existence as a brand was at the receiving end of Arshi Khan’s publicist Flynn Remedios ire, when the senior publicist complained to You Tube about a fake ‘Arshi Khan sex video’ that was uploaded late on Tuesday night.
According to Flynn Remedios, “Well past midnight, I noticed that a prominent, respected and well-known brand had uploaded a ‘fake’ video which they claimed in the title to be Arshi Khan’s sex video. The video showed a woman who bore a faint resemblance to Arshi Khan was involved in some intimate acts with a male person. I first took to Twitter to warn the concerned entertainment portal. But when there was no response, I contacted Twitter in the morning. The response was almost instant and I really thank Twitter for their support in this regard.
“The video was completely fake. Arshi Khan has never shot for such a scene at any point in her life. It showed a body double and a male actor indulging in sexual acts.I have known and worked with Arshi Khan from the day she stepped into Mumbai and she would share every thing with me. This video is total mischief and I am shocked that such a reputed and respected entertainment portal which has been around for so long could stoop to such low levels and that too without bothering to cross check or verify with me,” Remedios said.

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