Bandagi Kalra’s BF Dennis Nagpal tells Priyank Sharma to ‘warn” her about Puneesh Sharma

According to our sources, Bandagi Kalra’s boyfriend or ex-boy friend Dennis Nagpal has told Priyank Sharma to ‘warn” her about Puneesh Sharma when he enters the Bigg Boss house once again tomorrow.

According to a Times of India report,  Priyank was spotted in his hometown Delhi having a ball of a time with none other than Bandagi Kalra’s ex Boyfriend Dennis Nagpal.

Priyank had arrived on the sets of Bigg Boss Season 11 last weekend and was all set to go inside the house but the actor’s entry was delayed owing to a few undisclosed reasons. The birdie also told us that Priyank will be going inside the house soon, reports TOI. He will be arriving in Mumbai tonight and entering the house tomorrow afternoon.

It seems Nagpal has extensively briefed Priyank on how he should coax and convince Bandagi to stay away from Puneesh or face his wrath. “In fact, we heard that Nagpal went to the extent of saying that he would use his contacts in the TV industry to get Bandagi evicted from the Bigg Boss house, if she did not stop her ‘natak’ with Puneesh Sharma.
Firebrand model and actress Gehana Vasisth who recently revealed a lot of hidden facts about another Bigg Boss contestant Arshi Khan, said this is cheating and the channel Colors and Endemol India are both guilty of aiding this unfair advantage to certain participants.
“Contestants who come out of the house and are likely to be taken back in once again should not be allowed to interact with the outside world. They should be ‘quarantined’ by the channel in a safe house, or else someone like Priyank and Bandagi can get an unfair advantage over others, claims Gehana Vasisth.

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